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JConnelly Virtual Roundtable

Navigating the Turbulent Market Waters
Private Real Estate Roundtable

Allocations to alternative investments among accredited investors are increasing – just this year, Cerulli predicted high-net-worth clientele will have an average of 9.1% of their assets allocated to alternative investing options, up from 7.7% of client portfolios in 2020. Advisors expect this to increase to 9.6% by 2024. HNW practices are bringing in managers with experience in alts (PE, real estate, private credit) in order to support growing demand. Within alternatives, private real estate is seeing ignited interest in portfolios: Pensions & Investments’ annual survey revealed real estate assets of the top 200 asset owners increased by 22.1% to $411 billion in the last 12 months ending in 9/30 – higher than other allocations like private equity.

Why is there ignited interest in private real estate now, and how can advisors support clients in knowing where to make allocations? How is the asset class affected by current market conditions? What attributes make private real estate sustainable in the long-term?

In this roundtable, panelists from across financial services came together to discuss how macro-economic factors have impacted investor appetite for private markets, and specifically private real estate. They discussed the challenges advisors have faced in accessing opportunities and how this has changed over the years. Viewers will hear their views on sectors, property types and locations that are best positioned for growth. Areas explored include multi-family, build-to-rent and ground up real estate. Investors and advisors will come away with a fresh perspective on the opportunity in private real estate today, and how to incorporate this into their portfolios.

Roundtable Highlights

A Brief Market Overview
Bernie Wasserman - President
Participant Capital

Resilience of Multifamily
Bernie Wasserman - President
Participant Capital

How Private Real Estate Complements your Portfolio
Robert Picard - Managing Director
Head of Alternative Investments, Hightower

Manager Selection and the Fundamentals
Brian Pollak - Partner & Portfolio Manager
Evercore Wealth Management

Suitability and Strategies
Bernie Wasserman - President
Participant Capital

Watch the full webinar below:

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