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Invest in the Sun Belt

Participant Capital is a leading private equity real estate firm specializing in ground up investments in the Sun Belt, particularly in Florida. The Participant Capital Sun Belt Multifamily Development Fund offers accredited investors the opportunity to invest alongside institutions in real estate development projects.

Participate in institutional quality
ground-up development projects


Participant Capital Advisors, LLC is an independent registered investment adviser with an integrated development company affiliate, Royal Palm Companies. RPC was founded in 1978, and its executives hold key roles on the Participant Capital leadership team. Participant Capital was formed in 2011, has 25+ employees and is headquartered in Miami, Florida.


With decades-long combined experience across two companies, the Participant Capital’s management team possesses expertise that differentiates it from private equity real estate managers outsource development. We cost-effectively allocate and manage development capital. We are well-positioned to manage the diverse challenges of real estate development projects, both large and small, while maintaining the quality, lifestyle, and experience that are the firm’s signature.



The Participant Capital management team has an extensive real estate development track record that spans over 30 years, and $4.7B real estate assets developed, repositioned, and under construction across 50+ properties.


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Investment Highlights

Fund Domicile
Fund Structure
Closed-End Fund with Capital Calls
Fund Size
Investment Manager
Participant Capital Advisors, LLC
General Partner
Participant Capital Partner, LLC
GP Co-Investment
1% up to $1,000,000
GP Profits Interest
Zero Fund Level Promote
Project Level Preferred Return
Target Net Investor Return
18-22% p.a.*
Fund Term
Up to 8 Years (Total)
Investment Period
3 Years
Disposition Period
5 Years
Management Fee
1.5% p.a. on funded commitments
Catch-Up Interest
9% p.a.
Suitability Standard
Accredited Investors
Minimum Investment
Quarterly / End of Quarter

The GP as the project developer earns customary development fees and shares in the gains of the project returns at the SPE level. Project Level Preferred Return is calculated net of expenses and fees. May be extended with the consent of a majority-in-interest of the LPs. Investor returns will be impacted by fees and expenses, please refer to the PPM. After the Initial Closing, LPs admitted to the Fund or increasing their Commitments after the Initial Closing (the “Subsequent LPs”) will pay LPs already admitted at the time the Subsequent LP is admitted (the “Recipient LPs”) an amount equal to 9% interest (annualized) on their pro-rata share of Capital Contributions made by the Recipient LPs (the “Catchup Interest”). Catchup Interest obligations of Subsequent LP’s will represent an additional obligation of Subsequent LPs beyond their Capital Contribution to the Fund.  Catchup Interest will be paid to the Recipient LPs. The Fund reserves the right to hold additional closings. See PPM for details.

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